Idea Sketches for Jewellery & Metalwork

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Author: Alias Yusoff

ISBN: 978-967-14060-9-0

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Pagination: 278 pgs.

Dimension: 203.2 mm x 203.2 mm ( 8' x 8')

Language: English

My deep concern about the lack of skills in freehand sketching among “design” students who are more inclined to use the computer, is one of the contributing factors that has led me to work on this book project. I fear that one day freehand sketching will soon be a disappearing skill if no measures are taken. The main purpose of writing this book is to provide an approach to sketching particularly in the area of jewellery and metalwork. Regardless of the ongoing development of hardware, software and technique used to create sketches, the importance of manual skill in sketching must not be denied. A lot of design studios are considering the use of sketches done by hand, causing freehand sketches to gain attention. Sketches play an important role in the design process and they are an integral part of decision making process used in the early stage of design, in brainstorming and critique sessions, in research and also presentation. A quick hand sketch is always preferable as compared to a more time consuming computer rendered one although l am not against technology. This book comprises more than 200 selected sketches personally drawn by me. It is my hope that they would serve as a reference guide as well as an introduction to looking at sketches as a graphic composition. It is a natural and powerful means of interpersonal communication that artists and designers use to convey ideas efficiently. Alias Yussof

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